A bit about me

Art has always featured in my family, my aunty, Sophia Turol a polish refugee was an artist in Palmerston North. My mother has an artistic talent that she is yet to develop but is very handy with pencil and charcoal sketches.

My earliest memory of art as a child was entering colouring competitions and often placing in them. I remember this used to annoy my brother to no end (but although he is not great at drawing he is amazing with words 😊)

I didn’t really explore art much during school I was a little defiant and found art classes a bit structured for me – which is interesting considering I ended up in the military.

After my second Afghanistan tour I found I needed some sort of release to the stress I was under and so started sketching again. This soon developed into trying paints and from there I started to enjoy doing kiwiana scenes and in particular native birds. I like to put a bit of kiwi humour and sometimes sarcasm into my pictures to invoke a memory for viewers or even draw a chuckle.

The art therapy soon became a business and friends, family and also complete strangers started requesting art and purchasing completed artworks.

I am also the proud designer of the “Sister in Arms” range that was created after noticing a void amongst past and present women and the realisation of what a brand would do to re engage the support network amongst our past and present serving ladies.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to view my work and I hope that you enjoy the items I have on offer.